Cole Sarar’s SciFi Reading Hour

Two writers spin original science fiction, and one musician underscores the readings with complementary auditory landscapes.

Every other month at the Bryant Lake Bowl.
Next show: April 7, 7pm, featuring Eli Effinger-Weintraub and Erik Ostrom.
Tickets here.

We need to be thinking of the future as a society for a multitude of reasons: we need to be seeing and talking about ourselves and each other in new ways- seeing women, queer folks, and BIPoC in the future- showing folks in positions of power, showing different ways of leading, etc. We need to think about the effects of continuing to mistreat the planet, humans, plants, and animals; but also to envision new ways of doing things (or imagining old ways of doing things in the future). Kind of lofty goals, but SciFi can also be super fun, fucking cool, ridiculous, and wry.

I host and read every show. Featured writers and musicians have included Dameun Strange, Abra Staffin-Wiebe, Caly McMorrow, Ben San Del, Duck Washington, and Dissociate.

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