Literary Device

This time of year last year, I was preparing two performance projects for the Art Shanty Projects (ASP). I’d worked with a number of artist friend/collaborator/soulmates on three art shanties for previous years’ projects, and we hadn’t been struck by any particular inspiration for another shanty, but I still wanted to be involved, and saw…

Cuba 2016-2017

My family and I went to Cuba for the holidays in December of 2016. We spent some time in Havana, then traveled to Vinales, where we learned from organic tobacco, coffee, sugarcane, and honey growers.

Gravitational Collapse

I wrote, produced (designed and created logo, marketing, and costumes), and consulted on the 2017 Fringe Festival production of Gravitational Collapse. Gravitational Collapse was a cerebral sci-fi exploring relationships and the nature of identity. The piece examined how people with different personalities react to a situation in which they cannot remember who they are, using…

Sleight of Hand

Tobi is an old friend who asked for help documenting some work on a recent show. It involved puppets, so of course I said yes.

Ring Ring Poetry

I received a VERVE grant (a small, spoken word art grant administered by Intermedia Arts) in the Autumn of 2012 to “broadcast” a series of recorded poems written for specific places around the twin cities. The hitch was in the quote marks: the recorded poems are accessible via phone only, using‘s phone technology. The poetry is meant to…

Balls Cabaret

Revisited for the first time in quite a while, I’m still in love with this magical theater and its longstanding band of magicians. ​ ​

New Hobby

Or possibly just another thing to distract me from tasks at hand?

Pine Tar, Past Tense

Today I was surprised by how beautiful the publication was, surprised by how touched I was to see it there- the font was just right and the words felt as if they were meant to be on pages like those. we are / what grows here / no longer University at Buffalo, Department of Art…