IMG_4865My name is Cole Sarar.

I am a writer, photographer, and tech-artist based in Minneapolis, MN.

I write plays, web-based fiction, and both “page” poetry and “stage” poetry. I’ve won grants and fellowships for my performed and tech-poetry, including a State Arts Board Grant, a VERVE grant, and Emerging Writers Grant through the Loft Literary Foundation and the Jerome Foundation. I’ve been published in Paper Darts, Anatomy+Etymology, Write Bloody’s “Aim for the Head” anthology, Midwest Literary Magazine, Pilgrimage Magazine, and University at Buffalo’s Master of Fine Arts Thesis Publication. I’ve created public, interactive literary pieces in collaboration with local writers, using phone technology and simple physical design, with Ring Ring Poetry and Literary Device. I’ve collaborated on other interactive public art projects, like the Art Shanty Projects (2010, 2012, 2014, 2018), MN0 Puzzle Quest, and Journey to the End of the Night Minneapolis. I’ve supported local artists with marketing design and digital phone programming.

A lot of my art falls along the intersection of technology and literature. I use code and tech, but also simple physical items like paper to create surprising art. I use words, but seldom published or performed as expected. Another aspect of my art is interaction with other writers and artists- I believe that we do our best work when we lift each other up and cross-pollinate our work, and the artists who have worked with me have made many of my projects more interesting and compelling than they would have been as solo projects.

My goal is to make surprising, interactive art that looks to the future, fosters imagination, supports the community, and other artists.

Personally, my interests include science, science fiction, fashion, board games, gardening, and travel. I’m first generation Turkish-American. I pick up hobbies constantly. I love libraries, nature, Amelie, and West World.

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