MinnPost Article: Who IS that? A: Cole “Inky” Sarar

March 21, 2012. Interview by Jay Gabler.

Minn Post Article: Minnesota Microphone is your one-stop poetry slam stop

July 21, 2009. Interview by Amy Goetzman.

MPR Art Hounds (interview regarding upcoming “Big Slam”)

July 9, 2009. Interview by Chris Roberts.

Urban Griots Spoken Word Awards “New Spoken Word Artist” People’s Choice award, 2009. Urban Griots Spoken Word Awards “Special Recognition” People’s choice award, 2009 for work on

Culture Bully Article: Interview with Cole “Inky” Sarar

March 14, 2009. Interview by Kyle “El Guante” Myhre.

Minnesota Reads Article: 6 Questions We Always Ask

February 10, 2009. Interview by Jodi Chromey.

TC Theater Connection Interview

January 25, 2009. Podcast Interview by Joshua M. Humphrey

New Blog: Minnesota Microphone nod by Erica Mauter.

“Minnesota Microphone is a place to find out about the local spoken word and slam community.


They just debuted in December and have already got lots of good info if you’re new to that scene. Perhaps most importantly, they’ve got a calendar going.

They’ve also very kindly supplied “MN Mic” as a nickname.”

January 6, 2009

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